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1999 Ford Taurus Wagon Pictures

This is a loaded, four-door Ford Taurus Wagon with a powerful 3.0L 24V DOHC 6-cylinder engine. Recent maintenance includes replaced brakes and tires. 70k mile maintenance tune-up completed in Fall 2006 (power steering fluid, radiator flush, oil change, tire rotation, spark plugs). The car has been in no accidents, but has a very small dent on the front driver's side door (see picture).

SOLD FOR $3950 ON 8/10/2007

Sold via $31 online-only standard ad at Detroit Auto Trader.


ford taurus wagon 1999 front

ford taurus wagon 1999 side

ford taurus wagon 1999

ford taurus wagon 1999 interior seat

ford taurus wagon 1999 interior cargo area

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