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Chicago Restaurant Recommendations

The following Chicago restaurant recommendations are taken from a flier produced for the CSCW 2004 Conference. I thought it was quite handy, so I OCR'd and edited it for the web.

Most of the restaurants are within walking distance of the Hilton Chicago Hotel, which overlooks Grant Park and Lake Michigan. This list borrows heavily from Hilton staff recommendations and is supplemented by the CSCW Local Arrangements Chair. Information may be out of date, so verify it with a real Chicagoan before using it.

In the Hilton

Buckingham's - steak & seafood
Hilton Lobby (Central); Extension 6600
Pavillion - Casual Dinning
Hilton Lobby (Central); Extension 4315
Kitty O'Shea's - Irish pub
Hilton Lobby (South)
Lakeside Green Lounge
Hilton Lobby (North)

Coffee Houses

Rain Dog Books & Cafe
408 S. Michigan - 312.922.1200
Opens 8am (10am Sat; closed Sun) Small independent; nice book collection
Caribou Coffee
800 South Wabash - 312.786.9163 - Good chain coffee/environment. Right behind hotel.
The Gourmond
728 S Dearborn - 312.427.2610 - Good independent coffee house

Good Cheap Eats

Food in the under $15 a meal range.

Amigos / Cafe Gioia
436 S. Wabash
312.566.0208 Amigos
312.566.0209 Cafe Gioia
Nice variety. Clean. Upscale fast food. Bistro and Mexican diner attached.
Potbelly Sandwich Works
55 E.Jackson - 312.427.9347
Great local chain sub shop. Open lunchtime
Charming Cusine
601 S. Wabash Ave. - 312.939.0966
Chinese and mixed oriental. They have sushi.
Edwardo's Natural Pizza
521 South Dearborn St. - 312.939.3366
Very good Chicago style pizza plus pasta
Harold's Chicken Shack
636 South Wabash - 312.362.0442
As Mr. T might say, "I pity the fool..." But it is close by.
Subway / Taco Bell
41 West Congress
Not the cleanest place I've ever been to, but the food is chain standard.
South Loop Club
701 South State St. - 312.427.2787
Very close by. Open late night.
733 S. Dearborn St. - 312.461.1116
Chicago fixture. Has upscale burgers and pub food.
Artist's Restaurant
412 S. Michigan Ave. - 312.939.7855
Open 7am. Is a very good breakfast joint and diner.
14 South Wabash Ave. - 312.214.4282
Decent deli. About 2/3 mile north.
28 E. Roosevelt Rd. - 312.986.1688
Chinese food.

Fine Dining

500 S Dearborn St - 312.663.1143
Printer's Row
550 S. Dearborn St. - 312.461.0780
65 E. Adams St. - 312.786.9911
Berghoff Restaurant
17 W.Adams St. - 312.427.3170
Russian Tea Time
77 E. Adams St. - 312.360.0000
1312 S. Wabash Ave. - 312.939.3870
71 W. Monroe St. - 312.332.4040
Nick's Fish Market
51 S. dark St. (One First National Plaza) - 312.621.0200
Thai Spoon
632 South Wabash Ave. - 312.427.9470
1301 S. Wabash Ave. - 312.461.0161
Upscale Chinese food
888 South Michigan Ave. - 312.922.1127
Upscale sushi and Japanese food. I sampled here as part of my research; Very nice.
Chicago Firehouse
1401 S. Michigan Ave. - 312.786.1401 - Steakhouse

Chicago Classics

A friend of yours hears you were in Chicago for CSCW and asks if you ate at X. You are embarrassed you never heard of X. Well, these be X.

1141. S.Jefferson - 312.939.2855
5am-4pm, but do lunch rather than breakfast as they excel at lunch. Best corned beef west of Manhattan. Best NY style deli anywhere outside of NYC (and that includes Miami!)
Lou Mitchells
565 W Jackson Blvd - 312.939.3111 The place to go and be seen at breakfast if you are in the Chicago machine. Great coffee, but too claustrophobic for my taste. Want great breakfast, see Artist's (above).
Gino's East
633 N. Wells - 312.943.1124
Chicago pizza is a religion; this is my denomination. Their crust is far superior to any other I've had. My second choice is probably Edwardo's (see cheap eats above)
Mortons Steakhouse
1050 N. State - 312.266.4820
There are several great Chicago steak houses. This one probably has the most stars from the most rating boards. This is the place where on the old commercial they used to say, "We secretly replaced their regular coffee with Folgers crystals..."
17 W.Adams St. - 312.427.3170
German food. Been here for over 100 years. Personally, I hate it; but it has a huge following.

Chicago Tourist Eateries

Got the family with you, or just want to play tourist? Consider these dining locations.

Food life
835 N Michigan Ave - 312.335.3663
This also belongs under cheap eats. It is a high end food court with healthy made-to-orderfood. A great experience - and a great place to go if everyone has different likes. It is inside of the Water Tower Place Mall next to the Hancock Building.
Cheesecake Factory
875 N Michigan Ave - 312.337.1101
In the Hancock Building. Great faux-gaudi architecture. Excellent cheap eats food. The salads are creative and huge. Good value, but touristy.
Grand Luxe Cafe
600 N Michigan Ave - 312.276.2500
Cheesecake Factory owners basically asked, "If he had it to do over again, what would we do to make it better?" And this is what they came up with. Very nice place. Not too expensive.

Other Thoughts

If you are thinking of going up about 100 stories and don't have kids in tow, do this: Go to the John Hancock Center and go to the bar on the 95 floor. You will be one floor above the observation deck, you will avoid the $8.75 observation deck fee (although you will spend similar money on a drink), and you will avoid the long elevator line to the deck.

Powell's Books is at 828 S Wabash Ave. (312)-341- 0748. Powell's is one of the great independent/used bookstores in the country. Take advantage of the fact the Hilton is just a block away.


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