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Favicon Icon Drawing Program Online Free

Drawing Area


Drawing Colors
Hold down CTRL
Hold down ALT
Transparent - Hold down SHIFT

Generate Icon


Color Pallete

Get Firefox!

Draw your own favicon or icon online for free using this entirely web-based, non-Java icon generator. All you need is a modern web browser like Firefox. The tool creates a 16x16 pixel icon in 16 colors with optional transparency.

You can customize the color pallete by typing the color code in the color pallete text boxes. To draw, hold down one of CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT keys on your keyboard and move the mouse over the drawing area. Do not press any mouse buttons while you are drawing. Hold down the SHIFT key to make areas transparent. Here is what the buttons do:

Favicons are the small thumbnail images that appear in your web browser when you visit a website. The icons typically appear in the address bar and next to bookmarks. To install a favicon on your own website, copy the favicon.ico to the root folder of your web server.

Sorry, but you can not save the icons online or load existing icons. Instead, click the Generate Icon button to save the icon to your hard disk. The icons you generate are not recorded anywhere.

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