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Count Duplicates in a List Online Tool

This online utility quickly aggregates the lines pasted in the text box and shows you count of occurrences of each value. Use this to quickly aggregate the values to find duplicate lines, or to count the number of repeats.

This free, online Javascript tool eliminates duplicates and lists the distinct values in any web browser. Every line that is repeated is counted and displayed. This form is secure because your list of values is processed by Javascript on your device only.

If you have an Excel spreadsheet and want to get distinct values from a column, just copy and paste the column of data from your Excel sheet into the textbox below. The results will contain:


Paste your text in the text box and then press the "Display/Update Counts" button.

Paste Text Below

Output Options
Sort By: Format:
Counts Column: Values:

Counts / Results

counts will appear here after you click the button above


Data entered into the form above is processed client-side in your web browser, and is never sent or stored anywhere besides your device.

New: You can hide or show the counts column. You can also see all lines in the results, or just the lines with duplicates. Lines with duplicates are those that occur two (2) or more times.

The CSV output format option allows you to copy and paste the results into Excel or LibreOffice Calc in a spreadsheet format.

CSV output is in Excel-compatible format, with comma as the separator, and double-quote as the enclosure and escape character.

After copy-pasting in to Excel, use the Data > Text to Columns to split the text into columns. Alternatively, save the data using Notepad to a file ending with ".csv", and then double-click the file to open it in Excel automatically.

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