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Sage 50 Accounting SDK Download Links US-Canada

Sage 50 Complete Accounting is the new name for Peachtree Accounting. The SDK (software development kit) is currently not easily accessible via the Sage website. I found the important download links in the community forums and have listed them below.

Sage 50 still supports the COM API (as well as the new .Net API and old OLEDB/ODBC API). There is a chart in the SDK documentation that compares the features. To upgrade from Peachtree, just update your reference from Interop.PeachtreeAccounting.dll to Interop.PeachwServer.dll (located in the c:\Program Files\Sage Software\Peachtree) folder. Change the import statements from "using PeachtreeAccounting;" to "Interop.PeachtreeAccounting.dll;". The upgrade should be seamless.

Sage 50 Complete Accounting - US Edition - SDK

Sage 50 Complete Accounting - Canadian Edition - SDK

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