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Robocopy move contents of a system drive to a backup drive

How to use robocopy to move the contents of an old system drive to a backup drive.

This robocopy command example will move all the files from F:\ to a sub-folder on the D:\ drive. Note, the file move is permanent and you will not be able to boot off the old system drive anymore. The backup will be good enough only to preserve a copy of the files.

/MOVE - delete files from source after copying
/E - Copy Subfolders, including Empty Subfolders.
/B - backup mode (copy files even if access denied)
/R:0 - do not attempt to retry a copy

robocopy F:\ D:\Backups\OldSystemDrive  /MOVE /E /B /R:0

Robocopy marks the folder as system and hidden, so we need to unset these after moving the files.

attrib -s -h D:\Backups\OldSystemDrive

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