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Convert CSV to IIF Bank Account for Free Online

Converts CSV transaction download from your bank into an IIF of Deposits and Checks that can be imported into a bank account in Quickbooks. This is a free, unlimited CSV to IIF convertor that is secure because all data you enter is processed by Javascript in your browser and never leaves your device.

I made this quick and dirty tool so I can import historical bank transactions when my bank would not provide QBO format transaction download older than 90 days.


  1. Rename Payee and Account using a spreadsheet program before importing
  2. No support for check numbers
  3. No support is provided. No guarantees. Use at your own risk.

Recommended Test Procedure

  1. Backup your company file
  2. Create a test copy of your company file
  3. Create a CheckingTemp account in the test copy of your company file
  4. Import the transactions into the CheckingTemp account
  5. Repeat into CheckingTemp1, CheckingTemp2, etc. until the import is correct
  6. Once it is perfect, import the IIF file into your live company account

CSV Format Requirements

  1. Tab-delimited, no double-quotes -- you can copy & paste from your spreadsheet program.
  2. Header lines are ignored, and may be left out.
    Date - any format, will be parsed
    Amount - negative amounts treated as Checks, positive amount treated as Deposit; with or without dollar sign
    Payee - Rename using your spreadsheet program to match what you have in Quickbooks
    Account - Rename using your spreadsheet program to match what you have in Quickbooks
    Memo - Can be any text, or leave it blank
  4. All other columns will be ignored
  5. Any line that can not be parsed will be ignored

1. Name of Quickbooks Bank Account to Import Into:

2. Copy and paste from your transactions spreadsheet into this box:

Edits above will appear immediately below. Or, you can manually .

3. IIF Output will be here:

Copy and paste the output to a file like toimport.iif

In Quickbooks 2019 and later, use the Import without Review - "Import it for me. I'll fix it later" option on the Import IIF file dialog for more reliable import.

It's worth repeating: Make a backup of your company file and import into a test company file before importing into the live company file

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