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Batch Delete Bank Transactions in Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022

To quickly delete transactions by batch in Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022, the trick is to use the CTRL + D keyboard shortcut for deleting the current transaction. This is a free solution that does not require any third-party software or programming, or upgrading Quickbooks to a more expensive version. Read on for step-by-step instructions to solve this issue.

  1. Back up your company file
  2. From the menu bar, go to Edit > Preferences > General > My Preferences, and uncheck the box that says Warn when deleting a transaction or unused item list
  3. From the menu bar, go to Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company Preferences, and uncheck the box that says Warn if transactions are 30 day(s) in the future
  4. Open the register with transactions to delete.
  5. Select the first transaction to delete.
  6. Press CTRL + D on your keyboard to delete it in one step without any confirmation prompts.
  7. Repeated until there are no more transactions to delete.
  8. To skip or preserve a transaction, use the Down arrow key.
  9. When finished, go back to the two preferences that were previously unchecked and check them. I recommend doing this to prevent data entry errors.

You might need to delete multiple transactions from a Quickbooks account register if you import transactions from an IIF file with errors in them, and need to clear them out to re-do the import. You can also use this to delete an account from your Quickbooks file, since accounts can only be deleted if they have no transactions in them.

Note that Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus does not provide the ability to select multiple transactions for deleting. However, QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2018, Enterprise Solutions 18.0, Enterprise Accountant 2018, and later versions have the ability to do this. It is so sad that Intuit requires you to upgrade to expensive versions of the software for such a trivial feature.

The above tip is buried in the Quickbooks Desktop documentation in the Enter transactions by batch in QuickBooks Desktop article.

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