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ASP Speed Tricks

This collection of articles describes practical methods of optimizing the performance of classic ASP pages which retrieve and display tabular data from a database. Comparative test results are presented. Many of the techniques apply to ASP.Net and other scripting languages.

The intended audience is intermediate to advanced ASP programmers. Beginners may read this article and use the references to look up unfamiliar code. These techniques were developed for ASP 3.0, but many concepts apply to ASP.Net as well. This is not intended to be a complete compendium of optimizations, but points out a few that result in great performance improvements for display of read-only data.

ADO is used to query the data, and the underlying database may be MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, or any other major RDBMS. Unlike many other articles, complete examples are presented, which may be copied into a file and run directly. Techniques for optimizing the output of tabular data are presented first, followed by techniques for optimizing more complex tabular data typical of reports. The appendix contains instructions for configuring the tests, links to references, and books suggestions.

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