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Print Select Options from ASP

An optimized ASP function for printing select options.

'  This code is hereby granted to the public domain.
' ** PrintOptions Documentation **
' Summary: PrintOptions is an optimized function that prints
'  the OPTIONs list for a SELECT form element.
' Parameters:
' objCN [in] - Connection string or opened connection object.
' strsql [in] - A query that retrieves the data for populating
'   the options.  The first column will be the value of each option,
'   and the second column will be the text of each option.
'   Any other columns will be ignored.
' selectedID [in] - A single value whose matching option will
'   be default selected in the options list if it exists.
' Notes:
'   * When the values column is an integer, make sure to verify that
'     selectedID is numeric and cast it using CLng().
'   * The values and text of the options will always be HTML encoded.
'   * Nulls will be printed as empty strings.
' Usage:
'    <select id="ObjectID">
'       <%  PrintOptions "DSN=MyDSN", _
'              "SELECT ObjectID, ObjectName FROM tblObjects", _
'              CLng(varObjectID)    %>
'    </select>
' ** PrintOptionsMultiple Documentation **
' Summary: PrintOptionsMultiple does the same thing as PrintOptions,
'   except that SelectedID may be a comma-separated list of the values
'   of the options that should be default selected in a SELECT form
'   element having the MULTIPLE keyword.
'   Each value is trimmed and compared as a string.

Function PrintOptions(ByRef objCN, strsql, selectedID)
    PrintOptionsInternal objCN, strsql, selectedID, False
End Function

Function PrintOptionsMultiple(ByRef objCN, strsql, selectedID)
    PrintOptionsInternal objCN, strsql, selectedID, True
End Function

' Do not use this internal function, use the above function stubs.
Function printOptionsInternal(ByRef objCN, strsql, selectedID, bAllowMultiple)
    Dim objRS, ArrayRecords, i
    Dim objDictionary, arraySelected, bIsSelected
    Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

    ' Get all values from selectedID as strings into a dictionary
    If bAllowMultiple Then
        Set objDictionary = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
        arraySelected = Split(Trim(selectedID),",")
        For Each selectedID In ArraySelected
            If Trim(selectedID) <> "" Then
                objDictionary.Add CStr(Trim(selectedID)), CStr(Trim(selectedID))
            End If
    End If

    objRS.Open strsql,objcn,adOpenForwardOnly,adLockReadOnly,adCmdText

    Do While Not objRS.EOF
        ArrayRecords = objRS.GetRows(50)

        For i = 0 To UBound(ArrayRecords,2)
            bIsSelected = False
            If bAllowMultiple And Not IsNull(ArrayRecords(0, i)) Then
                If objDictionary.Exists(CStr(Trim(ArrayRecords(0, i)))) Then 
                    bIsSelected = True
                End If
                If ArrayRecords(0, i) = selectedID Then
                    bIsSelected = True
                End If
            End If
            If bIsSelected Then
                Response.write "<option selected"
                Response.write "<option"
            End If
            Response.write " value="
            Response.write Chr(34)
            If Not IsNull(ArrayRecords(0, i)) Then
                Response.write Server.HTMLEncode(ArrayRecords(0, i))
            End If
            Response.write Chr(34)
            Response.write ">"
            If Not IsNull(ArrayRecords(1, i)) Then
                Response.write Server.HTMLEncode(ArrayRecords(1, i))
            End If
            Response.write "</option>"
        Response.write vbCrLf
    Set objRS = Nothing
    If bAllowMultiple Then
        Set objDictionary = Nothing
    End If
End Function


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