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Javascript Autocomplete Combobox and Search Widget

This page shows an example of an auto-complete Javascript combo-box used to search the online PHP function reference.

For a full description of how the auto-complete Javascript combobox works, go to Javascript Autocomplete Combobox - find as you type or go to ASP Speed Tricks. You can also read Javascript Clear Select Options Fast.

The function reference contains about 5000 entries. Imagine the nightmare of having to scroll through that many options in a drop-down box!

Well, you don't have to imagine, click the "Load all Matches" button and try to find the "htmlentities" function. Now try to to find it by typing "htmlentities" in the text box. (matches in 5 key presses) Which is easier?

Press enter when you have found the function you need, and a link to the PHP manual page will be displayed. ( no longer allows their manual pages to appear in an iFrame). You can also click on the function name in the selection box.

Unfortunately, this combo-box is not mobile-friendly because a multi-select box appears as only one line. To make it mobile friendly, consider displaying in an unordered list (UL) element instead of a drop-down box (SELECT) element.

Search For Function Name

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