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Simcity 2000


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Simcity 3000 Cities

Hap-Hazard County Simcity 2000 City

Hap-Hazard County - 8/21/99

An experiment in design, Hap-Hazard County began as a rigorous grid city but through incremental modifications has become much more beautiful and multivariate. This beauty is enhanced by the nearly pure, green suburban residential ring and the glorious white high-rise towers of the central business district. Truly a spectacle for the eyes!

Katta-Murty Simcity 2000 City

Katta-Murty - 3/20/99

This is my cash-cow city. It currently has over 2,000,000 simoleans and generates over 50,000 per year through neighbor deals. I wanted a name with a hyphen in it and I thought my Linear Programming professor's name was cool, so I hypenated it and that's the etymology of Katta-Murty.

Concepcion Simcity 2000 City

Concepcion (183Kb) - 3/10/99

This one I'm experimenting on, I want to eventually make a regular pattern for the city.
UPDATE: I worked on this city for a lot longer and I have a pretty nice city now; it has many parks. The Simcity castle is the centerpiece and it opens up onto the ocean through a large green space. I'm still not done with it though.