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Corporate Ground Zero Plaza
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Simcity Software
The highly-anticipated game, SimCity 4, is now available. Simcity 4 is the most realistic city simulation game yet, with an updated graphics engine and tons of new features.
SimCity 3000 Unlimited is the latest edition of the game. This version includes the original game simulator with add-ons such as building sets, scenarios, disasters, landmarks, and customizable terrain.
SimCity 3000 is the original edition of the game. It is slightly cheaper than the unlimited edition, but does not include the new add-ons.
Simcity Books
Simcity 4 is the official strategy guide for Simcity 4. It is published by Prima Publishing, the same company that has created the strategy guides for the other Sims games.
Simcity 3000 : Prima's Official Strategy Guide covers many details of the Simcity simulator. It is out of print, but you can still get used copies.