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Canon Powershot A60 Review


This is a review of the Canon PowerShot A60 digital camera from the perspective of an amateur photographer, written in July 2003.

Canon PowerShot A60 2MP Digital Camera

Uses for the Digital Camera

I was in the market for a digital camera because I wanted to take pictures for my recipe website, and for my web design client's websites. Another use was for taking pictures of items that I could sell on eBay. I also wanted to use the camera for family and vacation pictures.

These uses dictated certain features that I could not do without. The first was a macro focus, which allows taking close-up pictures of small items. This is perfect for eBay selling and for taking close-ups of recipe ingredients. I also wanted a manual focus mode, so that I could experiment with various photography techniques. The Canon A60 has a macro focus mode that can take shots from as close as 5 centimeters (2 inches). The fully-automatic mode can be disabled and any photographic settings customized.