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Please send me your feedback.

Brilliant! Absolutely clear thinking on your purchase, and writing on your Canon A60 review. A really useful review for people trying to decide what to get. Thank you! Parang Mehta, 21 Mar 2004

I bought my A60 at Target in July 03. I read your review and thought more people ought to know that if you are planning on e-mailing more than printing, this the perfect camera. I have been using some generic nimh batteries since I got the camera and can take about 150 photos per recharge. I saw this camera on sale lately for around 160 dollars. Your pictures show a great example of the resolution. Good camera, Great review. Mike T, 29 Feb 2004

Thanks for confirming my decision to purchase at 99 from Amazon. Like you I have no need for high priced high resolution, but want a quality versatile product. Can't wait for it to arrive. Dave, 27 Feb 2004

I have been trying to spend not to much on a first time digital camera. Saw Canon A60 advertised on UK Amazon for 99.00 ($178 ??) Thought it looked like a good value, and your review, with great sharp clear photos, has convinced me I did right to order. Can't wait to get my hands on it now. Thank you, it was a great help. Chris, 26 Feb 2004

Nice piece. I had read the reviews about the a60 and decided that it was a good product for the money. Then I saw your review by chance, it lead me to believe that I had made a well informed purchase. Mike, 9 Dec 2003

Thanks very much for an awesome review. Its convinced me to buy the A60 and pocket the extra $$$ needed to buy the A70. Thanks once again! :) Alex, 2 Dec 2003

Hi. 10x for your short A60 review. I'm considering to buy such a camera, because I think that it is a good value for money. Every publication like that is useful. lucho, 28 Nov 2003

Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on your digital camera review, I am looking at purchasing one an was very impressed by your honesty and I just happen to love vegetarian Indian food, Fantastic! and a job well done. Phill, 14 Oct 2003

I saw your posting on Steve's Digicam forum and checked out your review. I must say nice job! I loved the pictures too! I can't believe your cat likes nectarines! Mark, 11 Sep 2003

Nice job. I just got my A70 a couple of days ago and I LOVE this camera! I liked your review because it was written in plain English for "regular" people. Have fun with your camera! Gary, 19 Aug 2003