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Purchase from NewEgg.com on June 30th, 2003
Item DescriptionPrice
Canon PowerShot A60 2.0MP Digital Camera Retail $226.00
SimpleTech (Simple Technologies) 256MB COMPACT FLASH CF $43.00
MAHA Energy Battery & Charger Kit MHC401FS4AA20 - RETAIL $49.00
Canon PSC-60 Deluxe Soft Compact Case for the PowerShot A70 and A60 $14.00
Camera Accesitripod Digital Camera $12.00
Discount for Accesitripod with Digital Camera ($10.00)
Shipping and handling $5.00
Total $339.00

The MAHA battery charger comes with four rechargeable, 2000 mAh, NiMH batteries. These are among the highest rated AA batteries on the market. Also the battery charger has a rapid-charge (100 minute cool-charge) feature and charges each battery on an individual electronic circuit. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the cost. NiMH batteries have the best price/performance ratio for digital photography, from reading the http://www.starbatteries.com/batteryfaqs.html - battery FAQ.

The miniature accesitripod was almost free due to a special bundled-order promotion. The 256 MB compact flash card is standard issue, as is the deluxe soft case. A couple weeks later, I also went on eBay and purchased an LCD Protector for the Canon A60 camera for $8.50 including shipping. This is a small piece of clear plastic that sticks to the back of the camera and covers the LCD. This ought to be bundled with the camera, since it protects the LCD from scratches and fingerprints.